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Subject: RE: [pkcs11] Update to mechanisms analysis

Hi Tony, all,

searching for some specific details in the PKCS#11 base specification, I noticed another mismatch in Base specification 3.00 (and probably many previous versions). I have added this mismatch as item #24 in the review document. Please see version of the review document attached. I have fixed that issue in a working draft of the Base specification, and therefore marked #24 as completed.

As this issue affects only the description of return value CKR_NO_EVENT, but the function description for C_WaitForSlotEvent corresponds to the header files, I consider this a non-material change. Any (other) opinion?

Best regards,

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Subject: [pkcs11] Update to mechanisms analysis


Here's an updated version of the mechanisms & header file analysis items.

Amended following detailed updates from Dieter.

-Tony Cox


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