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Subject: Missing specification details for profile objects?



when comparing the “Profile objects” section of WD02 with some other sections I was wondering if it is missing some details.


First, other objects like the mechanism objects or the hardware feature objects contain this paragraph:

“When searching for objects using C_FindObjectsInit and C_FindObjects, mechanism objects are not returned unless the CKA_CLASS attribute in the template has the value CKO_MECHANISM. This protects applications written to previous versions of Cryptoki from finding objects that they do not understand."

IMO a similar paragraph should exist for profile objects.


Second, the mechanism objects explicitly states:

“The CKA_MECHANISM_TYPE attribute may not be set.”

IMO this should be true for the CKA_PROFILE_ID as well since a profile cannot be changed.


In fact, this statement seems to be too weak since a profile object cannot be created, copied or deleted. This is true for every non-storage object (i.e. hardware feature object, mechanism object, profile object). Do we need to clarify this?


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