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pkcs11 message

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Subject: Removed references



as reported in last TC call I’ve removed two references from WD04 and put a comment there to make it visible:


Section 6.51.7 General-length SEED-MAC. This was already wrong in PKCS#11 2.40:

“General-length SEED-MAC, denoted CKM_SEED_MAC_GENERAL, is a mechanism for single- and multiple-part signatures and verification, based on SEED and data authentication as defined in 0.”

In 2.40, this was linked with a the [RFC 3717] bookmark, which is pretends to be Camellia, but this would be RFC3713. So, another error to be fixed…

I’m not sure if [RFC 4269] was meant. This RFC is already mentioned in the introduction of the SEED mechanisms. The RFC only contains an OID for SEED MAC. But why should there be an extra reference to the same RFC when other SEED mechs don’t have one? So, in that case we can leave it out – or need to find the correct reference.


Section 6.54.4 CT-KIP Mechanism parameters. The explanation of pMechanism contained in PKCS#11 2.40:

“pointer to the underlying cryptographic mechanism (e.g. AES, SHA-256), see further 0, Appendix D”

The “0” pointed to CT-KIP, but the URL there is not available any more. MAYBE RFC 4758 is the same? I has the same title (“Cryptographic Token Key Initialization Protocol (CT-KIP)”) at least.

If you agree we should add RFC 4758 to the references and include a sentence “CT-KIP is the Cryptographic Token Key Initialization Protocol defined in [RFC 4758]” at the beginning of section 6.54.

(Well, I guess we can move that to historical anyway in 3.2…)





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