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Subject: PKCS #11 v3.1 Reviews

Section 9: The only change was to explicitly say the CKA_EC_POINT is Der encoded for Edwards curve. I believe that is the conclusion we came to based on memory and minutes.

Section 11: Simple bits->bytes change in the DSA table. Change was made correctly, but I identified an issue with some of the table index of other tables in WD05, which marked in the wiki table. Notably tables in secections 6.2.18- 6.2.21, all the tables are 'table 1' rather than 'table 57-60'

Section 15: Changes to the AES_KEY_WRAP family of mechanism. These changes look correct* to me (based on our previous discussions). If you are a vendor implementing any of these changes, be sure to review these now. NSS will very likely be expecting the given semantics in the future.

(*correct = what I recall we finally agreed on, not what I would have preferred;).

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