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Subject: Re: [pki-comment] PKI/OASIS Progress

Terry, congratulations for taking this on.  Met with Wells folks the other
day to discuss Elenore, very interesting.  In any event, prefer end of
March to middle of March, the INFOSEC World Conference conflicts with first
set of dates which will pull many of the same folks.  East Coast is
prefered, unfortunately I am not in a position to host, but perhaps could
do so later in the year.  Cheers, ch

leahyt@WellsFargo.COM on 11/14/2002 07:21:12 PM

To:   pki-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
cc:   kar.best@oasis-open.org, leahyt@WellsFargo.COM
Subject:  [pki-comment] PKI/OASIS Progress

All:  I want to provide you the update on where we stand regarding
member section and want to establish direct communication with each one of
the formal PKI Forum member.   Please review the attached and feel free to
contact me with you thought of how we can continue the work under the new
structure.   Please do take a minute to respond to my three questions in
memo.  They are A). choice of the two dates for face to face meeting, B).
location (you can provide a city if you wish). and C). your willingness to
host the meeting.  Thanks.  Terry

 <<PKIOASIS Memo1114.doc>>

(See attached file: PKIOASIS Memo1114.doc)

Attachment: PKIOASIS Memo1114.doc
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