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pki-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: sead@dsv.su.se

You have indicated four action items in your Action Plan. I think they all can be covered very effectively with two actions: (1) create an operational platform (middleware) with all necessary PKI functions, supported by, of course, PKI engines, clients, CA Servers, protocols, etc; and (2) create a set of educational materials for usage of PKI 

If (1) is available it solves the first three items from your Action Plan: usage of APIs (object, methods) provides Application Guidelines, "backend" testing of different functions, objects, and protocols performed by interested vendors who support the same STANDARDIZED set of PKI functions solves your item 2, and do not ask application vendors what they need, just offer them ready-to-use Dev Platform for PKI services.

I am writing this suggestion on behalf of my  company, SETECS Corporation, which has such a platform and we are willing to offer it experimentally to the interested members of the OASIS Consortium.


Sead Muftic
SETECS Corporation
Rockville, MD

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