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pki-comment message

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Subject: Handling comments to pki-comment list

In case there's any confusion, I want to cover
a few process items.

First, the pki-comment list is a publicly archived
list, as part of our open standards process. Recently,
we received a message from an individual who wanted
his message to be kept confidential. I will see if
we can remove that message from the archive. And I
will contact that individual directly to keep him
informed on this.

Second, the PKI TC has delegated the job of receiving
comments on the PKI Action Plan to the PKI TC's Issues
Subcommittee. The Issues SC will present a report at
each PKI TC meeting with recommendations. Of course,
other PKI TC members are welcome to discuss comments
sent to this list. But the OASIS TC guidelines say
that we should discuss them on the pki-tc list, not
the pki-comment list.



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