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Subject: Comments in Testing Category

Title: Comments in Testing Category

It appears (surprising to me) that there is only one comment specifically on testing:


Brief Quote: (from FPKI)
The only real discussion of the action plan was around testing. The PKITS and NIST Protection
Profiles are familiar to this group and will address interop issues that relate to conformance
(as well as a common set of functions for all clients). However for non-path-validation topics there
was some interest in the Open Group taking up a role for other testing. Note that there were
some Open Group folks in the room and it was they who expressed the interest.

I think the action plan does already cover this under the action item "Increase testing to
improve interoperability". My recommendation would be not to alter the action plan at this
point (because other interop testing activities (e.g. PKITS, EEMA PKI C, and the Asian interop
testing activity) also need to be considered before we determine what  additional testing
is actually required. This comment should be forwarded to whoever undertakes the exercise
to assess existing test environments.

Note that comments jhilton@viviale.com-20031021-General-4 and jhilton@viviale.com-20031021-5
also relate to testing, but that isn't their primary focus, so I do agree they belong in the
general category.

Sharon Boeyen
Principal, Advanced Security
Tel: 613 270 3181
Fax: 613 270 2504
Securing Digital Identities
& Information

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