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pki-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: angase@teleline.es

My name is Ana Garcia

I am carrying out my thesis at Imec(Interuniversity MicroElectronics 
Center), inside the Quality Assurance department.

A brief overview of the problem is explained bellow:

IMEC, Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Centre, is a company with a 
staff of almost 1263 members and therefore a huge amount of documents 
is generated and moved each day through the enterprise.

Once a first draft of the procedure has been written,Document Control 
delivers the document to review list,when the final version has reached 
the suitable content and it does not need modifications, it has to be 
approved. One paper copy circulates among the people of the approval 
list. The document is returned to DC after each approval. This takes 
quite some time for a document to be fully approved.

Once the docuemnt(word file) is fully approved, a pdf file is made and 
put available on the intranet. The approval is not visible in the pdf 
file. They are looking for something equivalent to handwritten 

I have been reading about PKI in-house or outsourced,it is only for 
internal documents without legal problems with another companies, the 
level of security required is not so high, i think it would be suitable 
an in-house pki but I am not sure about the possible cost, and if it is 

Thanks for all your help,


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