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Subject: Re: [pki-education] Meeting now?

I forgot to include the bridge number.
Here it is:

U.S.: +1.866.545.5220
Intl: +1.865.673.3234
Code: 1305447

And now that I look carefully at this
number, I see that it's *my* bridge!
I'm the only one who knows the host code.

I have entered that code but there's
still nobody else on the line. I'll
wait a few minutes and then drop off
if nobody shows to avoid billing for
useless time. Sorry about that!



Steve Hanna wrote:
> Are we meeting now? I'm using the bridge
> number that Kefeng sent out last time
> (reproduced below), but the host hasn't
> joined yet. I don't mind skipping today.
> I'm using the time to do my homework for
> this SC. But if other folks want to meet,
> please send an email and we'll find a way
> to do so.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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