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Subject: My case studies

At the June 10 meeting of the PKI Education SC,
we agreed that it would be useful to prepare
a list of PKI case studies to address the need
for "examples" cited by our survey respondents.
Arshad proposed that a simple way to get such
a list would be to search on Google for "PKI case
studies" and sift through the results. We agreed
that each member of the SC would be assigned
20 hits from this list to sift through.

I was assigned hits 21-40. I found that many of
the hits were stale, did not actually point to
a PKI case study, were not in English, or required
a fee to be paid to see the actual case study.
But some of the hits were useful. Below is a list
of the sites I found useful.

I will admit that I am concerned about this approach.
It seems a bit haphazard. If the SC ends up deciding
to point at PKI case studies, we should at least approach
all the PKI vendors and ask them to give us a URL
from their site. I'm not sure how valuable this will
be. Maybe pointing to specific case studies would be
more useful. I'm not sure.




RSA Keon PKI case studies:

IBM PKI case studies:

Mitretek PKI case study:

Verisign PKI case studies:

Silanis ApproveIt case studies:

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