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Subject: Re: [pki-education] Progress Update

June Leung wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> We had a conference call yesterday and discussed our progress.
> I haven't heard from Steve Orrin, Andrew and James.
> Can you let me know if you have a chance to research on the assigned 
> sites?
> James Falkner
> CMU - Carnegie Mellon University
> If you can let me know before our next conference call - July 22, that 
> would be much appreciated.
> We understand that you might be busy with work and vacation, if you 
> don't have a chance to conduct the research, then we would simply divide 
> the tasks.
> If you were able to complete it, please email me the results.  I would 
> like to compile a list for the next conference call.

I apologize for being silent.  I had a vacation followed by a
company-wide break last week (which is why I wasn't on the call
last week; I was on vacation :))  I have contact both IBM (Krishna Yellepeddy)
and CMU (Russell Yount) and sent them background on the SC
as well as a set of questions related to what we want to document
in this SC.  I just sent it today.  I will forward the responses
to the group when I get them back.


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