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Subject: Conference call tomorrow - Oct 7/04 at 3pm EST

Hello Everyone,

Here is a reminder that a conference call has been scheduled for tomorrow Oct 7/04 at 3pm EST.


Roll call
Review PKI Forum resource page comments from PKI TC (attached at the end of the email)
Burton group ROI doc
Discuss budget 2005

Conference call info:
1800-211-9360 or 416-847-4608
code: 519452


Web site proposal comment from John Sabo:


I am fully in support of updating and expanding our PKI related
information.  In fact, our ability to provide strong resources for all
aspects of PKI is a strength of our focus as a member section and the
TC's efforts. 

As I suggested on our conference call, I do not agree with the proposal
that we eliminate extensive links ("link farm") and instead link to
other "link farm" resources. As I understand this proposal, we would
reduce the number of categories to those proposed in the attachment, and
turn to other external Web sites for their links, and rely on their
approach to organizing the information.  I think this would be
counter-productive to our educational and research goals, and our value
as a major resource. Viewing our Web links and information as the "first
stop" only and maintaining a relatively static page may be necessary at
some point, but given our current budget situation, I believe we can
afford a more comprehensive approach.

In fact, I believe it is to our benefit to think even more expansively
about organizing our resources page than in the current PKI Forum
resources page, and have annotated categories for PKI from legal,
business process, security, Web Services, return on investment, vendor
resources, case studies, technical interoperability, policy
interoperability, hardware (including PKI on mobile devices, smart
cards, etc.), and other more granular categories.  I believe this would
enhance the value of our Web page resources, and reflect our
perspectives.  For example, a set of categories could be associated with
our subcommittees - costs, testing, etc.  This approach would reflect
our needs and interests and organized the way we believe is best, not
that of another Web site.

It would take time and regular review to produce this kind of resource,
but I believe it would be an excellent investment for the contractor we
discussed hiring for this and other purposes.   If at some point we were
unable to manage the maintenance of the site, then we could scale back
to a more modest approach as recommended.


Web site proposal comment from Sharon Boeyen

Hi June,

Thanks for the reminder.

The proposed structure looks quite reasonable. 

In terms of content, I realize you have NIST listed, but the FPKI group
itself might be another good link to single out because of the interest in
their bridge structure. I'd suggest the following:

Also, I think the PKITS test suite (also from NIST) would definitely be
worth singling out given that it is the ONLY conformance test suite for PKI



June Leung
PKI Department
FundSERV Inc.
1730 130 King St W
Toronto ON M5X 1E5
T. 416.350.2516
F. 416.362.6668 

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