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Subject: Scope for ROI document work

Here is the scope for the PKI ROI
document work. Comments welcome,
of course.




Scope for PKI ROI Document Preparation

* Review Burton Group document on PKI ROI,
   summarize to PKI Education SC and recommend
   how this document should be handled in the
   PKI ROI document: reference it, summarize it,
   include an extract (if possible), or whatever.

* Research five case studies in draft PKI ROI
   Critical Review document.

* Prepare proposed final draft PKI ROI document
   including outcome of case study research and
   Burton Group document review.

* Send out draft for review by PKI TC.

* Incorporate comments as agreed by PKI Edu SC

* Send final PKI ROI document to OASIS Webmaster
   for posting

All work is to be completed before the end of
calendar year 2004. All work done under this
scope will be considered "work for hire" and
all work products will be wholly owned by OASIS.
In addition, the original PKI ROI Critical Review
document will be wholly and unambiguously owned
by OASIS. A contract will be negotiated and signed
with OASIS before any work begins.

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