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Subject: Re: [pki-education] Summary of yesterday's conference (Oct 7/04)

Thanks, June. I think that I also promised to
write up a scope for the ROI document and Stephen
Wilson was going to give us a quote for that.

And I think you were specifically going to
find out whether it would be awkward for
Stephen to be a consulant and a TC member.
Maybe it would be better for him to just
be a consultant and we could get him added
to the PKI TC list.



June Leung wrote:

> Attendee: June Leung, Stephen Wilson, Kefeng Chen and Steve Hanna
> Action Items:
> 1) Re-org of the Resource Page.
> -June will email John Sabo with the feedback from the Education SC regarding his comments.
> -We will add Sharon's comment to the plan.
> -June will find out from Oasis Webmaster what is the preferred method to modify changes to the PKI Forum Resource pages.
> 2) ROI material
> -June will find out if David Skyberg has access to review the documents. 
> -We plan to put in a motion to the Steering Committee to purchase the docs.
> 3) Consultant
> -Steve Hanna will put together a scope for re-organizing the PKI Resource Page.
> -Stephen Wilson will provide us with his fees.
> -June will find out from Oasis Management if there is a policy for hiring consultant.
> Our next week is scheduled for Oct 21 at 3pm.
> Thank you very much for your participation.
> june
> June Leung
> Manager, PKI Department
> FundSERV Inc.
> 1730 130 King St W
> Toronto ON M5X 1E5
> T. 416.350.2516
> F. 416.362.6668 

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