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pki-lowercosts message

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Subject: First cut at markets list

Hi all,

Here’s the first cut at markets worthy of approaching.


1.       Government

a.       FBCA-based, such as NIH

b.       DoD-PKI based such as the services and DISA.

c.       Primary contractors such as SAIC, Mitre, and General Dynamics

2.       Education

3.       Health Care

a.       eHealth initiative

4.       Financial

a.       Banks, ie Wachovia, Well Fargo, etc.

b.       Credit Cards, ie Visa, Amex, Mastercard

5.       Manufacturing and Retail (Supply Chain)

a.       Automotive

b.       Chemical (J&J?)

6.       Consulting/System Integrators (Accenture, Booze Allen, etc.)

7.       Managed Service (VeriSign, GeoTrust, BeTrusted, etc.)

8.       PKI software vendors (Entrust, RSA)

9.       PKI hardware vendors

a.       Smart Card

b.       HSM

c.       USB



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