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pki-lowercosts message

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Subject: Today's meeting

I would like to apologize for the meeting mess-up today.  I experienced two failures.  First, I didn’t publish the dial-in number.  Going forward, I will put it in the minutes from the previous meeting as well as publish it to the list the day before the meeting.


Secondly, I had an emergency issue at work for which I needed to immediately drop off 5 minutes after I called in.  So if anyone did happen to know that the number is the same as last time, I wasn’t there to greet you.


Anyway, we can either reschedule for this coming Friday, or push off until the next scheduled meeting on June 10.  If we do reschedule for this coming Friday (June 4), then we need to decide whether or not to adjust the entire sequence (only an issue to me, since I already have a continuing conference call established ;).


So please email the group and let me know which of the following you would prefer:


1.       Meet this coming Friday (June 4) and:

a.       Reset future meetings accordingly (next meeting would be June 18) or

b.       Meet back to back (next meeting June 10 as scheduled)

2.       Wait to meet on the next scheduled meeting date (June 10)




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