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Subject: Call to arms!

Hi all,

As it turns out, most of the team can’t meet today—and some can’t meet this week at all.  So, instead of waiting for an opportunity to meet by phone to move our work forward, I suggest we to try to use email to advance the work.  That way, maybe by the next meeting time, we will a) have actually found a time we can all meet by phone and b) have advanced our tasks to the point where a meeting has value.  I truly believe that part of the reason that it is so difficult to get a meeting together is that since the work hasn’t advanced since our last meeting a phone conference is not a high priority for any of us!


The biggest task at hand is completing work on estimating the cost of the survey tasks so that we can get a proposal together for the Membership Section Steering Committee (MSSC).  I will send out an email in a little while that restates the set of tasks that we have already agreed should go to a contractor.  What I suggest is that we first take a stab at reviewing and extending this list.  It is woefully shy on enough detail to really provide much value from a costing perspective.


While that is progressing, we need to determine how we intend to find a contractor.  We have been trying to find someone to help cost this out (thanks, Arshad, for your offer!), but I wonder if maybe the best approach is to actually get bids and use that for the proposal.  If so, then finding bidders is the next logical step—plus we obviously have to do this anyway in order to advance the work.


Can everyone please take a moment to respond to this email with your comments regarding the tasks, and your ability to support them in the short term?  I really think we need to wrap this up in the next week or so.  We’re inching toward the holiday season with absolutely no progress against goals.  So this is a call to arms.  Let’s keep as many hands on the work as we can so that no one member gets bogged down.  If we keep it to only needing about 10 minutes review time for email messages, then everyone should be able to participate more fully.







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