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Subject: RE: [pki-lowercosts] Contractor costing

Getting a couples bids sounds like a good idea.  If you are loking for reasonabley skilled PKI resources, I know of a few Cdn firms.  Of course, their per diem would reflect the skill level of the resources.  And, according to my (rapidly failing) memory, you were looking for almost student level people with survey, but not necessaryily PKI skills.
I have a newly graduated engineer working on staff now. For the moment, he has some free cycles and could work on this with the contractor.
Even contracting this out, giiven the challenging subject matter, I expect we will have to put a good deal of effort into reviewing/refining the work. 
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From: Skyberg, David [mailto:dskyberg@rsasecurity.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 4:39 PM
To: PKI Lower Costs
Subject: RE: [pki-lowercosts] Contractor costing

Hi Ross,

In response to your question—we agreed a couple of months ago that none of the current members of this sub committee have the time to actually perform on any of these task, and that we need to hire a contractor to get this done.  So, the work of this sub committee begins with identifying the contractor tasks and then getting bids on the work.  Thus, the contractor cost.


Now on to the next topic.  We need to get some bids on this.  Does anyone have an idea of where to send this?  I know Arshad had offered to take a stab at estimating the cost.  But that was to support providing feedback into the Membership Section budgeting process.  I think it’s a waste of time at this point and that we should give this directly to a couple of folks that can perform on it.  Then as a committee, we can select the candidate we want to go with, take the bid to the steering committee for funding, and get this work turned on.


Hi Steve,

You originally had an action item to dig up a sample funding document so that I could prepare the funding request.  Personally, given how we are currently handling these sorts of things in the steering committee, I don’t think that is necessary.  I suggest we simply take the proposals we get from the contractor(s) and use that as the basis for our funding request. Comments?


OK folks, we’re almost there!  All we need now is a contractor!




From: Ross Smith [mailto:Ross.Smith@pwgsc.gc.ca]
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 8:05 PM
To: Skyberg, David; PKI Lower Costs
Subject: RE: [pki-lowercosts] Contractor costing


David - I think it looks fine.  We are all going to have to find the time to provide input into the survey. 


I am curious about the subject line "Contractor Costing".



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From: Skyberg, David [mailto:dskyberg@rsasecurity.com]
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 9:51 AM
To: PKI Lower Costs
Subject: [pki-lowercosts] Contractor costing

Hi folks,

We really need to close on this issue soon.  At our current rate, I don’t see us doing much of anything for the remainder of the year.  We really need to pick up the pace!  Here is the list of tasks that we have outlined.  Let’s please all take a moment and flesh these out so that we have what we believe to be a complete set of tasks.  If you don’t have any input for this, then please signal your acceptance by emailing as such to the group.



Draft the survey

Work with the sub committee members to draft a survey.  The sub committee will approve the survey before the survey is conducted.

-         Survey Phase 1

TC members will be the target of the first phase.  The contractor will conduct the survey with all willing TC members.

-         Phase 1 analysis

The contractor will provide analysis of the survey results and coordinate feedback from the TC on the survey itself.

-         Refine the Survey

The contractor will edit and refine the survey based on the feedback from the TC, the analysis of the phase 1 results, and guidance from the sub committee.

-         Identify second phase targets

The contractor will coordinate input from the TC as to likely candidates for the second phase survey.  The subcommittee will approve the final list.

-         Survey Phase 2

The contractor will conduct the survey with representative on both the consumer and producer side of the PKI industry.

-         Report analysis of results

The contractor will report analysis of the results to the sub committee in a format suitable for reporting to both the TC as well as the public


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