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Subject: RE: PKI survey work


I understand -- every now and then, one's employers take precedence!  Good 
luck with your work, I hope it allows you to return to the TC.  

I myself am not inclined to volunteer.  I don't have much history with the 
group, I am a long way away in Australia, and I am only a Individual 
Professional of OASIS.  But if someone does step in, rest assured I am 
willing and able to work at this end with Asia PKI Forum on a new survey. 
We could get an excellent result with them, and there is a series of 
opportunities for the rest of this year to conduct face-to-face survey 
interviews around the region. 

Stay tuned for my report of the last Asia PKI Forum WG meetings.



> Hi Stephen,
> Due to issues within my company, I have had to take a sabbatical from the
> TC.  I was supposed to get someone to help run the sub committee, but 
> fell through the cracks.  
> So, if anyone on the sub committee has some time, we could use some help
> chairing this for the next three months.  I would hate to see all effort
> stall in the interim, but I simply don't have the time right now to drive
> this.
> Anyone?
> =david
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> From: swilson@galexia.com.au [mailto:swilson@galexia.com.au] On Behalf Of
> Stephen Wilson
> Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2005 7:38 PM
> To: Skyberg, David
> Subject: PKI survey work
> David
> I was wondering if any progress was made towards a new OASIS PKI 
> I was asked by the Asia PKI Forum to consider ways that OASIS and APKIF 
> could collaborate.  This seems like a really good idea. 
> We could for instance piggy back on the upcoming APKIF meetings 
> July; Taipei and Seoul later in the year; China in November) and conduct 
> surveys face-to-face with important regional and international 
> Cheers, 
> Stephen.
> Stephen Wilson
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> Lockstep is also developing unique new smartcard solutions to address 
> privacy and identity theft. 
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