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Subject: Nominating Arshad Noor for PKI MS SC

I'd like to nominate Arshad Noor for the
PKI Member Section Steering Committee.

Arshad is an entrepreneur, a skilled
information security expert, and an
energetic participant in PKI MS activities.
He is the chair of the PKI TC's Application
Guidelines Subcommittee and the chief
proponent of the Transaction PKI project.
He represented the PKI MS at the recent
PKI Tunisia 2005 conference. He will
be a great addition to the PKI MS SC.

A brief CV for Arshad is included below.




Arshad Noor is the Founder & CEO of StrongAuth, Inc., a Cupertino,
California, (USA) based company that specializes in Identity Management
and Compliance Workflow Management products & services.

He has been working in the IT industry for nearly 20 years at companies
such as Citibank, BASF Corporation, New York Life Insurance, Port
Authority of NY & NJ and Sun Microsystems. Arshad has been building
PKI's for the last six (6) years for some of the world's smallest and
largest companies. Amongst them, he was responsible for the
implementation of Sun Microsystems' PKI for their 45,000+ employees, the
architecture of Visa's PKI to support 50,000+ partners, and most
recently for Pfizer's PKI to support 120,000+ employees. StrongAuth
continues to work for new clients in other markets ranging from a 5,000
employee retail operation, to a 500,000+ gaming operation.

A prolific writer and speaker, he has spoken at many Information Systems
Security Association (ISSA) gatherings, the Information Security
Auditor's Association, PC Expo, IT Expo and other conferences in the
past. His writings have been published in UNIX World, UNIX Review and
the ISSA Journal (most recently on Building Successful PKI's – Sept
2004). A chapter on Access Control is expected to be published in a book
next year, that recommends security strategies for lawfirms; the book is
being published by the American Bar Association.

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