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Subject: Nominating Ross Smith for PKI MS SC

I'd like to nominate Ross Smith for the
PKI Member Section Steering Committee.

Ross is an active member of the PKI TC
and the PKI MS SC. He served as chair
of the PKI MS SC this fall and has
contributed greatly to the success of
the PKI MS SC.

A brief CV for Ross is included below.




Ross Smith is a Canadian federal public servant working in the
Technology and Security Strategies Directorate of Public Works and
Government Services Canada. He is accountable for the oversight and
general well being of the Government of Canada (GoC) PKI. Mr. Smith's
primary responsibilities encompass: cross-certification, recognition,
and ongoing compliance management; development and maintenance of the
various GoC Certificate Policies; and the advancement of a strategy for
the use of PKI within the Government of Canada. He has worked in the law
enforcement and security field since 1968. In 1984, Mr. Smith's focus
turned to IT Security as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(RCMP) IT Security Branch and first manager of their newly formed IT
Forensics Unit. He became involved in the GoC PKI project in 1995 and,
as Head of IT Security for Health Canada, (with the help of several very
bright and hard working colleagues), oversaw the development of the
Secure Electronic Service Delivery Infrastructure, which included the
implementation of the first CA to be cross-certified with the Canadian
Federal PKI Bridge (CFPB).

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