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pki-publicity message

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Subject: Re: RSA conference

June Leung wrote:
> Good news. I just got approval to attend the RSA
> conference at the end of the month. Therefore,
> I'll be able to work on the marketing/public affairs
> department of Oasis to organize the reception.
> Let me know if there's anything I can assist.

Hooray! That's great!

Yes, there is certainly a lot of work to be done
with respect to the reception. I think you mentioned
you have some talent with this sort of thing, so
consider yourself elected our Event Planner or
whatever title you want. :-)

I just added you to the Publicity Subcommittee
(email: pki-publicity@lists.oasis-open.org).
The other member is Paola Bassanese of the U.K.
Office of the e-Envoy. That makes three of us.

Should we meet via concall to plan and divide up
our work? Maybe we can work this out by email.
If not, I'd be glad to do a concall. My schedule
is pretty open this week.

What work needs to be done? I think it breaks
down into a few categories:

* Working on a press release and press relations
* Organizing our reception
* Recruiting supporters

Did I miss anything?

I don't have any talent in the first two areas,
but I'm willing to help with anything. As for
the third area, I am not shy about asking for
help and I have been told that I am sometimes
effective at it.

I'm getting a feeling that Paola has a good
talent for press relations and June some
talent with event organizing. Is that right?
Would it be OK to ask the two of you to take
charge of the first two items there (Paola
working with the OASIS PR folks on press
and June working with them on the event)?

If so, we can inform them of that arrangement.
If not, we can juggle the work until we find
something that works better. Let me know.

Once we settle that, I should pass on to you
(June) the materials I have from Moscone:
menus, etc.



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