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Subject: Re: [pki-publicity] RE: RSA conference

I can do Friday 11.30 your time onwards.

Paola Bassanese
Assistant Director, Trust Programme
Office of the e-Envoy
3rd Floor
Stockley House
130 Wilton Road
London Sw1V1LQ

t: 020 7276 3475
e: paola.bassanese@e-envoy.gsi.gov.uk
m: 07795092568

Steve Hanna <Steve.Hanna@Sun.COM>

04/02/2004 15:31

June Leung <June.Leung@FundServ.com>
PKI TC Publicity Subcommittee <pki-publicity@lists.oasis-open.org>
Re: [pki-publicity] RE: RSA conference

I'm free these times (all Eastern U.S. Time):

Thursday, February 5: 9:00 AM -  3:00 PM
Friday, February 6:   9:00 AM - 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Paola, please tell me when you can talk.
I will see if the OASIS PR folks can join us.



June Leung wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Your plan sounds good.
> Since Paola is in the U.K.,  I think we should have the conference call in the morning.
> I am free pretty much all morning tomorrow - Thursday.  Friday morning is not good for me.
> Let me know.
> thanks june
> June Leung
> PKI Department
> FundSERV Inc.
> 1730 130 King St W
> Toronto ON M5X 1E5
> T. 416.350.2516
> F. 416.362.6668
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steve Hanna [mailto:Steve.Hanna@Sun.COM]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 5:40 PM
> To: June Leung
> Cc: PKI TC Publicity Subcommittee
> Subject: Re: RSA conference
> June Leung wrote:
> > Good news. I just got approval to attend the RSA
> > conference at the end of the month. Therefore,
> > I'll be able to work on the marketing/public affairs
> > department of Oasis to organize the reception.
> > Let me know if there's anything I can assist.
> Hooray! That's great!
> Yes, there is certainly a lot of work to be done
> with respect to the reception. I think you mentioned
> you have some talent with this sort of thing, so
> consider yourself elected our Event Planner or
> whatever title you want. :-)
> I just added you to the Publicity Subcommittee
> (email: pki-publicity@lists.oasis-open.org).
> The other member is Paola Bassanese of the U.K.
> Office of the e-Envoy. That makes three of us.
> Should we meet via concall to plan and divide up
> our work? Maybe we can work this out by email.
> If not, I'd be glad to do a concall. My schedule
> is pretty open this week.
> What work needs to be done? I think it breaks
> down into a few categories:
> * Working on a press release and press relations
> * Organizing our reception
> * Recruiting supporters
> Did I miss anything?
> I don't have any talent in the first two areas,
> but I'm willing to help with anything. As for
> the third area, I am not shy about asking for
> help and I have been told that I am sometimes
> effective at it.
> I'm getting a feeling that Paola has a good
> talent for press relations and June some
> talent with event organizing. Is that right?
> Would it be OK to ask the two of you to take
> charge of the first two items there (Paola
> working with the OASIS PR folks on press
> and June working with them on the event)?
> If so, we can inform them of that arrangement.
> If not, we can juggle the work until we find
> something that works better. Let me know.
> Once we settle that, I should pass on to you
> (June) the materials I have from Moscone:
> menus, etc.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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