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pki-publicity message

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Subject: Division of labor on Reception

June Leung and I talked by phone this morning and
agreed on a to-do list and division of labor for
PKI TC Publicity SC members working on organizing
the PKI Action Plan reception at the RSA Conference.
In order to ensure clear communication and cooperation,
I thought it would be good for me to send the notes from
that call to this list.

If you find anything that's missing or should be
changed, please speak up. Please don't be offended
if we made a mistake (listing the wrong people
or misunderstanding something). Let's just fix
it and move on!

Thanks to all for your help with this. I know it's
a lot of work, but it will be worth it when we have
several more PKI TC members, volunteers, supporters,
etc. And it's a pleasure working with all of you!



P.S. We don't have a schedule yet. We're just
moving as quickly as we can. I hope we can get
most or all of this wrapped up by the end of
next week since I'm on vacation the week before
RSA. But I know that any loose ends will be in
your capable hands.


PKI Action Plan Reception Planning

Tasks already done:
* Reserve room (Moscone North Meeting Room 120)
* Set time (Wednesday, February 25, 6-7:30 PST)
* Start publicity for reception
 - OASIS and Sun agreed to distribute flyers at
   their booths in the RSA Expo
 - PKI TC members started sending email with
   reception invitations to potential supporters

To be done:
* Continue publicity for reception
 - Get mentioned in RSA daily program update
    (June will ask Dee about this)
 - Send more email with invitations
    (all PKI TC members are doing this now)
 - Place reception notice on PKI TC web site
    (Steve will do this with Sharon Burbine's help)
 - Place article about PKI Action Plan rollout
   in OASIS News (if timing and all work out)
    (June will ask Dee about this)
 - Print and distribute flyers at RSA (see below)
 - Ask more companies to distribute them at
   their booths in the RSA Expo
    (nobody assigned yet)
* Agree on menu and budget (including food, drink,
  A/V, furniture, setup/teardown, flyers, etc.)
    (June will work with Dee on this)
* Get funding
    (Steve will ask PKI MS SC once budget is set)
* Sign contracts or otherwise arrange for all
  goods and services needed
    (June will work with Dee on this, Steve or Terry
     will sign as needed)
* Design flyer
    (Steve will work with Scott on this)
* Get copies of flyer and Action Plan 1.0
    (Steve will work with Scott on this)
* Get badges for PKI TC members, drink tickets, sign-in
  sheet, business card box, and maybe directional signs
    (June will work with Dee on this)
* Find out which PKI TC members will be attending so
  that badges can be prepared for them
    (June will work on this)
* Get answers to questions: must all reception attendees
  be registered for the conference? is the reception
  location hard to find? can we post directional signs
  if needed?
    (June will work with Dee on this)

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