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pki-publicity message

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Subject: Draft 2 of PKI Action Plan flyer

Here is the second draft of the flyer for the
PKI Action Plan reception. I'm off for my
vacation, so please feel free to change this
in whatever ways you may need to. If you get
a chance to make the copies, go right ahead.
Just let me know.

I plan to check email on Sunday, February 22,
revise the PKI Action Plan and send out a
1.0 version, then head out to SFO on Monday.
Of course, winter weather could interfere.
I'll try to keep you posted on any changes
in plans. John Sabo will stand in for me
while I'm away.

June and I are planning to meet Monday,
February 23 at 6:30 PM on the sidewalk
in front of Moscone South to have dinner
and plan what needs to be done for the week.
Scott or John (or others), feel free to
come along.



P.S. My cell phone is +1.339.223.0158.
My voice mail is +1.781.442.0166.

PKI TC Reception Flyer.doc

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