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Subject: Re: Objectives and Samples


I like your objectives.  It's also important to be able to relate
to the experience levels of the respondents.

I'm of two minds with regard to including questions on benefits. We
need to be careful to not load the survey with too many questions.
In general, the longer the survey the smaller the participation.  That's

one principal that I always get self-conflicted over.  A question I have

is whether we see this as a one-shot survey or should we consider
more than one, with different objectives for each.

I like to find out what organizations are using PKI for and what
business problems they're trying to solve.  That also provides insight
into the benefits question.  Sometimes companies implement PKI to
solve one business problem and discover as much, or more, utility in
applying the technology to other processes.  - But I digress -

The question of responses from experienced people vs. the great
unwashed crowd is a good one.  I like both.  Experience is valuable.
Inexperienced views are revealing - we are likely to learn more
about perceived barriers from them.  The challenge is how to reach
those without experience because they are not who we usually
interact with.

I'll resist commenting about lawyers, for the moment.....

I stumbled upon a PKI survey I literally threw together in a
couple of hours last year for a security conference exhibit
booth we were running.  Our objective was to get a feel for the
federal market, gauge interest in PKI and shake loose
prospects and contacts.  I could share that with the group
if you like..


Steve Hanna wrote:

> If you look at the work items we agreed on, you'll see
> that our next step is to agree on the objectives and sample
> for the survey and then to create an implementation plan
> and possible timeline. I sent a first draft of the objectives
> and sample to the SC list a week ago. I have reproduced
> that draft below. I'd appreciate your comments (sent to
> the SC list.
> -------------
> The objective of the PKI TC's PKI Deployment Obstacles Survey
> is to identify the most commonly cited obstacles to PKI
> deployment and usage. We want to be able to identify which
> obstacles are most commonly cited and correlate these obstacles
> with information about the respondents, such as their occupation,
> the industry in which they are employed, their years of experience
> in the computer industry, in information security, or with PKI, etc.
> Maybe we should also look at what benefits the respondents hoped
> to receive from PKI and what benefits they actually saw.
> I'm primarily interested in responses from people who have
> significant experience with PKI deployment, although I'm also
> interested in responses from other people as long as we can
> separate these categories for analysis.
> To be specific, I'd like to see responses from IT managers
> and staff who have completed successful PKI deployments,
> people who have attempted deployments but failed, and people
> who have considered deployments but decided against them.
> I'd also be glad to hear from employees of PKI vendors and
> lawyers or IT consultants who have worked on or observed
> PKI deployments. And I'd also be glad to hear from researchers
> or analysts with PKI experience or insights.

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