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Subject: Re: [pki-survey] Paul Evans joining PKI Survey subcommittee

leahyt@wellsfargo.com wrote:
> I can not make this call tomorrow. I am out off the office.

I'm sorry you won't be able to make it tomorrow, Terry.
We'll take good notes and send them to the mailing list
so you can provide your opinions and insight.

> Steve:  Can you point me to the survey??

The survey hasn't been prepared yet. We're still trying
to agree on the objectives and sample audience. Here are
the draft objectives that I sent out earlier. Your comments
would be most welcome.




The objective of the PKI TC's PKI Deployment Obstacles Survey
is to identify the most commonly cited obstacles to PKI
deployment and usage. We want to be able to identify which
obstacles are most commonly cited and correlate these obstacles
with information about the respondents, such as their occupation,
the industry in which they are employed, their years of experience
in the computer industry, in information security, or with PKI, etc.

Maybe we should also look at what benefits the respondents hoped
to receive from PKI and what benefits they actually saw.

I'm primarily interested in responses from people who have
significant experience with PKI deployment, although I'm also
interested in responses from other people as long as we can
separate these categories for analysis.

To be specific, I'd like to see responses from IT managers
and staff who have completed successful PKI deployments,
people who have attempted deployments but failed, and people
who have considered deployments but decided against them.
I'd also be glad to hear from employees of PKI vendors and
lawyers or IT consultants who have worked on or observed
PKI deployments. And I'd also be glad to hear from researchers
or analysts with PKI experience or insights.

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