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Subject: RE: [pki-survey] Survey analysis

Attached is a draft "nicely formatted report with charts and graphs" (same
doc in Word and PDF formats).

I have included respondent quotes but have not had time to analyze the
correlation of these comments to each respondent's experience.
Neither have I had time to complete the Conclusions section in the draft
report; Steve/Paul/Terry - can one of you address this next week as part of
your review and preparation of a final doc to go to the TC on 11 July?

I am out of the office now (partly on holidays) till 14 July so cannot help
any further but hopefully have taken it a long way for you to now finish


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Hanna [mailto:steve.hanna@sun.com]
Sent: 27 June 2003 23:06
To: PKI TC Survey SC
Subject: [pki-survey] Survey analysis

Paul's estimate of the time required to analyze the
survey results was better than mine. I just spent
about two and a half hours analyzing the demographics.
Oh, well! Here is a PDF file that includes that analysis.

I noticed a few minor glitches in Paul's analysis.
For instance, the number responding "Not an Obstacle"
for "Too Much Legal Work Required" should be 22%. This
means that the number not responding to that obstacle
is not 17% as we thought, but a more normal 4%.

I did not have time to look for correlations between
the demographics and the obstacles or uses. I will do
that when I return July 8 (or someone else can do it
before then, if they like). Sorry! I have attached a
copy of my spreadsheets with demographics included
(in StarOffice and Excel formats), in case someone
else wants to tackle the correlation issue.

I also didn't have time to write up the minutes
from today's concall. The gist of it was that we
reviewed the results of the survey and found them
informative and somewhat illuminating, if not
surprising. We agreed on specific action items
(listed below) that will allow us to promptly
write up a detailed analysis of the survey.

We agreed that a follow-up survey will be required
in order to better understand the primary obstacles
and determine the best ways to address them. We want
to conduct this survey July 15-August 15 so that we
can have the results by the end of August and kick
off September with a PKI TC meeting (maybe face-to-face)
on ways to address these obstacles. We also want to have
EEMA and others get involved with reviewing and commenting
on our survey analysis.

We agreed that we will focus first on writing up
an analysis of the survey results, aiming to have
that completed and sent to the PKI TC by July 11.
We will ask the PKI TC to review the analysis and
get us comments ASAP. We will also suggest to them
the plan of action outlined above and ask for their
comments on or approval of this plan. We will also
ask them to approve distributing the analysis to
the survey respondents.

Action Items for Survey Analysis

1) Analyze demographics (Steve, due June 27)
2) Look for strong correlations between demographics
   and obstacles or uses (Steve, due June 27)
3) See if results change when inexperienced respondents
   are removed (Paul, due July 3?)
4) Analyze textual responses, relate to experience
   and/or involvement (Peter, due July 4)
5) Analyze respondents who supplied email addresses
   to see if they are representative of the respondents
   as a whole (Steve, due July 9)
6) Prepare a nicely formatted report with charts and
   graphs (Peter, first draft due July 4)
7) Review and revise report as needed (Paul and Steve,
   due July 11)



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Survey Prelim Report.doc

Survey Prelim Report.pdf

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