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pki-survey message

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Subject: Next Survey SC meeting MONDAY noon EDT

Based on the responses I have received so far, let's
hold our next PKI TC Survey Subcommittee meeting at

Monday, July 21, 12:00 PM -  1:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time

That's only TWO days from now! See apologies below.

Our call-in information will be:

  U.S. Tollfree: +1.866.545.5220
  International: +1.865.673.3239 
  Access Code: 1305447 

Our draft agenda is:

12:00 Roll call
12:05 Approve minutes of June 27, 2003 meeting
12:10 Discuss follow-up survey and agree upon goals
      and overall outline
12:50 Any other business 
 1:00 Adjourn 

I apologize for this late notice. I was hoping to receive
more responses to my Wednesday email on this topic. I should
have made a decision on Friday, but I lost track of this
action item.

However, we really need to get moving on this. We're supposed
to complete this survey in August so we can have results early
in September. And I think we may want to have a 3 week response
period for this survey, if possible. Since people often take
vacations in August.

Let's meet on Monday with whoever can make it. All others can
participate by email. I'll send out a proposed set of goals
for the August survey and a proposed outline in a moment.



P.S. Everyone who responded to my email asking which dates
would work (Sharon and Peter) said that Monday was OK. So I
hope we should have at least three people on the call!

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