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Subject: Draft goals and outline for August follow-up survey

To kick off our discussion of the August follow-up survey, I'll
suggest that we have three goals for this survey:

1) Get a more detailed understanding of obstacles in June survey

2) Add a few obstacles cited by respondents to June survey

3) More accurately prioritize obstacles

And, of course, we want to have a strong response and enough
demographic information so we can be confident that the response
is probably representative of the June survey respondents.

I suggest that we achieve these goals by using this sort of
outline for the August survey:

1) Explain goals of survey (brief)

2) Get respondent's email address (required to tie response
   to earlier demographic info, avoiding need to ask for all
   that info again)

3) For each of several obstacles listed in the June survey,
   ask respondent to rank several subobstacles as to which
   are most important. Maybe use 10 point system. For each
   obstacle, give respondent 10 points that may be assigned
   to subobstacles of that obstacle.

4) Ask respondent to use a similar 10 point system to rate
   which obstacles are most important for us to address.
   List all the obstacles originally cited and the six most
   commonly cited "Other" obstacles from the June survey.

   We can tell people that if 10 points aren't enough, they
   can use 100 and we'll just divide their point totals by
   10 to normalize them.

What do you think of these goals and survey outline? Is this
a good start? Do you have better ideas?



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