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Subject: Extending deadline for follow-up survey

I suggest that we extend the deadline for responding
to our follow-up survey from September 1 to September 7.

Why? We have received 49 responses so far, but that's
less than 1/3 of those we asked to respond. I suspect
that people are on vacation. I'd like to send them
a reminder and extension notice next Tuesday (after the
U.S. Labor Day holiday), giving them a few more days to
respond and perhaps ensuring that the reminder will be
at the top of their mailbox when they return to the office.

We can start our analysis with the results that we have
now and then update them when all the results are in.
We should still be able to have a preliminary analysis
completed by September 12, a week before our F2F meeting.

Please let me know what you think about extending the
deadline. Unless I hear objections, I'll proceed with
this plan.



P.S. I have noticed that many of the follow-up respondents
didn't take our original survey. I guess the follow-up
invite was forwarded to some email lists. For those folks,
we don't have any demographic information. I'm thinking
I'll ask them to complete the original survey (at least
the demographic parts). Any objections?

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