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Subject: Re: Open Group briefing (was Re: Extending deadline for follow-up survey)

Evans Paul wrote:
> On another topic, I noticed that the Open Group is meeting in
> Washington, DC from October 21 through 24.  Since they were
> kind enough to distribute the original survey and could form
> an effective partner in championing our recommendations, what
> does the SC think about offering a briefing similar to what you
> are preparing for the FPKI TWG the day before we meet? I can
> coordinate if you wish - I'm hoping to attend if I can get the
> Firm to renew their membership.

I think that's a GREAT idea! Developing a draft Action Plan
in September is only the start. Then we must gather feedback
on the plan and build support among vendors, customers, experts,
standards groups, expert groups, etc. I hope we can spend
October and November on that, then rev the draft Action Plan
in December, get everyone signed up with endorsements and
action items in January, and roll out the whole thing at RSA
in February. At least, that's *my* vision. I'd like to hear
from others.

One thing I know for sure is that the PKI TC by itself can't
address all these issues. We need the support and active
participation of many others. But we can serve as a catalyst.

The Open Group is a great group for us to work with. They
have lots of seasoned experts in security and other fields,
many important IT users, contacts throughout the industry,
etc. Paul, if you'd be willing to organize a briefing for
them that would be great!



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