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pki-survey message

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Subject: REMINDER: PKI TC Survey SC Concall tomorrow

We have a meeting of the PKI TC Survey SC tomorrow,
Wednesday, September 10 at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time.
I hope to present a preliminary analysis of the
responses to our follow-up survey. And we can
discuss and agree on plans for creating our report.

We'll be using the same concall number as last time:

  U.S. Tollfree: +1.866.545.5220
  International: +1.865.673.3239 
  Access Code: 1305447 

I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.




P.S. Here's a draft agenda:

11:00 Roll call
11:05 Approve minutes of June 27, 2003 and July 21, 2003
11:10 Review results of follow-up survey and agree
      upon plans for creating summary report
11:50 Any other business 
12:00 Adjourn

P.P.S. The draft minutes from our June 27 meeting are at
and the draft minutes from our July 21 meeting are at

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