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Subject: Re: August Survey Report 0.2

I haven't received any comments on this draft,
so I'm going to publish it to the PKI TC for
broader review. I want to give everyone a chance
to consider the results thoroughly before our F2F.

I have heard from several Survey SC members who
are planning to review the report or have started
to do so but aren't finished yet. Thanks for your
careful review. When you do have comments, feel free
to send them to the PKI TC list or to me directly.



Steve Hanna wrote:
> Here's another version of the August 2003 Survey Report.
> Now I'm done with changes except folding in comments
> from you and other PKI TC members. I suggest that you
> get comments to me or the Survey SC email list by next
> Monday night (the sooner the better, of course). Once
> those comments have been hashed through and agreed to,
> I'll make the changes and get another rev out to the
> PKI TC next Tuesday or Wednesday. This will give everyone
> almost a week to review the document before our F2F.
> OK?
> The main changes in this version are:
> * Removed actual respondent comments, replacing them
>   with summaries in the relevant part of section 3.
>   This tightens things up a lot and avoids any possible
>   copyright problems.
> * Added summary of June 2003 Survey results.
> * Added summary of survey and next steps (section 4).
>   This section should perhaps receive the most review.
> Thanks,
> Steve
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                  Name: followupsurveyreport02.pdf
>    followupsurveyreport02.pdf    Type: Acrobat (application/pdf)
>                              Encoding: base64

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