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Subject: Re: [pki-tc-chair] Support of PKI Action Plan and request to join

I missed it by a week I think.  I am in Menlo
Park Feb 16-20th :-(  If for some reason
I stay through the next week, though,
I'll definitely be there.  Thanks for
the heads-up.


Steve Hanna wrote:
> Excellent! Thanks, James.
> I will add you to the Education SC as soon as
> the web page and alias have been set up (which
> should be in the next two days). The chair of
> the Education SC is June Leung of FundSERV
> (june.leung@fundserv.com) and the other member
> so far is Kefeng Chen of GeoTrust (kefengc@geotrust.com).
> I suspect that this SC (and all of the other
> SCs tasked with implementing the PKI Action Plan)
> will not really get moving until after the
> RSA Conference, where we will roll out the
> PKI Action Plan. Everyone is focussed on
> that rollout right now.
> BTW, if you will be in San Francisco for the
> RSA Conference please come to our reception
> and face-to-face TC meeting. For details, see
> the PKI TC email archive on our web site.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> James Falkner wrote:
>>Steve Hanna wrote:
>>>Thanks for your support, James! I will add your
>>>name as a supporter in the next release of the
>>>PKI Action Plan. How would you like it to appear?
>>>I have it down as "James Falkner, Enterprise Software
>>>Deployment Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.".
>>>Is that OK?
>>Yep, that's OK.
>>>As for joining the Education SC, the first step
>>>is for you to become an Observer in the PKI TC.
>>>No charge. Just go to the PKI TC's web site at
>>>http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/pki and
>>>click on the button labelled "Join this TC".
>>>Instructions will appear explaining how to proceed.
>>>If you don't have an account in the OASIS
>>>member database, you may need to create one.
>>>Sun is an OASIS member, so it's not hard.
>>>Once you have become an Observer, let me know
>>>and I'll add you to the Education SC.
>>>I'm *delighted* to have your help in this.
>>>I look forward to working with you.
>>OK I have signed up.  username is 'jfalkner'.
>>I have become an observer on the PKI TC.
>>Thanks again!

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