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Subject: Re: [pki-tc-chair] Support of PKI Action Plan and request to join

Excellent! Thanks, James.

I will add you to the Education SC as soon as
the web page and alias have been set up (which
should be in the next two days). The chair of
the Education SC is June Leung of FundSERV
(june.leung@fundserv.com) and the other member
so far is Kefeng Chen of GeoTrust (kefengc@geotrust.com).

I suspect that this SC (and all of the other
SCs tasked with implementing the PKI Action Plan)
will not really get moving until after the
RSA Conference, where we will roll out the
PKI Action Plan. Everyone is focussed on
that rollout right now.

BTW, if you will be in San Francisco for the
RSA Conference please come to our reception
and face-to-face TC meeting. For details, see
the PKI TC email archive on our web site.



James Falkner wrote:
> Steve Hanna wrote:
> > Thanks for your support, James! I will add your
> > name as a supporter in the next release of the
> > PKI Action Plan. How would you like it to appear?
> > I have it down as "James Falkner, Enterprise Software
> > Deployment Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.".
> > Is that OK?
> >
> Yep, that's OK.
> > As for joining the Education SC, the first step
> > is for you to become an Observer in the PKI TC.
> > No charge. Just go to the PKI TC's web site at
> > http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/pki and
> > click on the button labelled "Join this TC".
> > Instructions will appear explaining how to proceed.
> > If you don't have an account in the OASIS
> > member database, you may need to create one.
> > Sun is an OASIS member, so it's not hard.
> > Once you have become an Observer, let me know
> > and I'll add you to the Education SC.
> >
> > I'm *delighted* to have your help in this.
> > I look forward to working with you.
> OK I have signed up.  username is 'jfalkner'.
> I have become an observer on the PKI TC.
> Thanks again!
> -jhf-

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