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pki-tc-chair message

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Subject: Please add me to the list

Hi Steve, Hi John,


In Steve’s last email, he wrote:

But I want more! I'm the only PKI TC member who is listed as a supporter. That must be an accidental omission! Please send an email to pki-tc-chair@lists.oasis-open.org and tell me and John that it's OK to list your name as a supporter. Don't forget to tell us how you want your name to appear ("Dr. John Frobotz, CISSP").

You probably thought you'd be listed automatically as a supporter, but I want to have an explicit email on file authorizing your name to be listed.


Looking at the list at the bottom of the email, I don’t see Steve’s name, but I do see mine.  So I have to assume that Steve’s email is in reference to another list.  So, whatever the list is, please add my name to it!


David Skyberg, Director of Engineering, RSA Security Inc.





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