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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] ACTION REQUESTED: Getting Supporters for PKI Action Plan

Sorry about the confusion, Jeremy. My earlier
note to which you responded in early February
was asking if anybody objected to being
included in the list of OASIS PKI TC members
at the end of the document. This email was
asking people to be listed as supporters.
That's a different list. Now you're on both
(which is good).



Jeremy Hilton wrote:
> I am sure I asked to be added, but just to make sure, please add me:
> Jeremy Hilton CEng
> Kind regards
> Jeremy
> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Steve.Hanna@Sun.COM [mailto:Steve.Hanna@Sun.COM]
> >Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2004 11:07 AM
> >To: pki-tc@lists.oasis-open.org
> >Subject: [pki-tc] ACTION REQUESTED: Getting Supporters for PKI
> >Action Plan
> >
> >
> >We have been working to gather supporters for our
> >PKI Action Plan for a week or two now. I want to
> >provide an update and encourage us to do more.
> >
> >First, the update. emails have gone out to all
> >the survey respondents and many (most?) of the
> >PKI stakeholders identified in our Action Plan
> >Supporter Plan. So far, five organizations and
> >thirteen individuals have signed up as supporters.
> >The list is at the end of this message.
> >
> >This is good progress. More people will sign on
> >in the next week so we'll have a nice list when
> >we kick off the Action Plan at the RSA Conference.
> >
> >But I want more! I'm the only PKI TC member
> >who is listed as a supporter. That must be an
> >accidental omission! Please send an email to
> >pki-tc-chair@lists.oasis-open.org and tell me and John that
> >it's OK to list your name as a supporter. Don't forget to tell
> >us how you want your name to appear ("Dr. John Frobotz,
> >CISSP"). You probably thought you'd be listed automatically as
> >a supporter, but I want to have an explicit email on file
> >authorizing your name to be listed.
> >
> >And what about your employers? I know it's hard
> >to get a large company to officially support
> >anything, but it can be done. I got Sun to agree
> >to support the PKI Action Plan in only a week!
> >I had to pull some strings and call in some
> >political favors but it can be done. It's also
> >good to get VIPs and executives to be listed as
> >individual supporters. Don't worry about excess
> >here! And if you have friends at other companies
> >who might be interested, please ask them.
> >
> >Note also the recent email from Carol Geyer of
> >OASIS asking for quotes for our press release.
> >All OASIS Sponsor companies are eligible to
> >supply a quote. Don't be left out! If nothing
> >more, ask your boss for a quote and get it
> >cleared through corporate PR. Your boss will
> >be honored! Our choose an important VP who
> >you want to butter up. Remember the deadline
> >is Wednesday, February 18. Email quotes to carol.geyer@oasis-open.org.
> >
> >BTW, I will be incommunicado for the next week.
> >Contact John Sabo (john.t.sabo@ca.com) in my
> >absence. I'll see you in San Francisco for the
> >PKI F2F and the PKI Action Plan rollout. What
> >a time we'll have!
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Steve
> >
> >-----------
> >
> >PKI Action Plan supporters as of February 14, 2004
> >
> >Organizations
> >
> >Ascertia Limited
> >Izecom BV
> >Paperless Chile
> >SETECS Corporation
> >Sun Microsystems, Inc.
> >
> >Individuals (alphabetical by last name)
> >
> >Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Sun Fellow, Chief Security Officer, Sun
> >Microsystems, Inc. Joseph A. Doekbrijder, SwissSign AG James
> >Falkner, Enterprise Software Deployment Architect, Sun
> >Microsystems, Inc. Philip Fulchino, Director of Product
> >Management, RSA Security, Inc. Per Hagero, CISA, Principal
> >Product Manager, PortWise AB Stephen Hanna, Senior Staff
> >Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Dr. Stephen Kent Liaquat
> >Khan, CTO, Ascertia Limited Dr. Sead Muftic, President/CEO,
> >SETECS Corporation Dr. Radia Perlman, Distinguished Engineer,
> >Sun Microsystems, Inc. David Skyberg, Director of Engineering,
> >RSA Security, Inc. Pablo Vicuņa Tupper, Paperless Chile, CDO
> >Founder David L. Wasley, IT Infrastructure Planner, Univ. of
> >Calif, Office of the President
> >
> >
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> >roster of the OASIS TC), go to
> >http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/pki-tc/members/lea
> ve_workgroup.php.

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