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pki-tc-chair message

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My name is Mrs. Rachael Smith; from Diamond rich country district of Bombali in Northern Province of Sierra Leone. I am the widow of the Late Mr. Smith, the managing director of Sierra Leone Diamond Mining Co-operation.

I am currently living in a refugee center in Accra-ghana. My family and I have been unfortunate to find ourselves caught up in a very difficult situation in Ghana. I know you will be surprise to receive this message, but it is of utmost importance to me and my family.

Anyway, I am about to entrust my destiny and the destiny of my whole dependants on your shoulder if you can help us, it will also be of immense benefit to you too.

This transaction demands utmost trust, honesty, integrity and most important, secrecy.
It is only through the above that my family and I will be assured of our security. This regrettable situation led to the
killing of my husband and only daughter and the displacement of my family.

During the brutal civil war in my country Sierra Leone, my late husband of blessed memory was brutally murdered by the rebels led by Mr. Foday Sankoh, he was murdered with my only daughter (Nina). But my two sons (Greg & Daniel) and I managed to escape to Accra-Ghana, through the help of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Before my late husband's death, he drew my attention to one of his access containing about Fourty Five Million dollars (USD$45Million) which he smuggled out at the start of the war to a security company in Ghana.(the security company does not know the real contents of the box)

He registered it in the name of my son Prince Richmond Smith(as family art and monuments) He also gave me the certificate of deposit and receipt issued to him by the security company, which I still have in my possession.

The problem I have is that as a refugee, the immigration law does not allow us to open or hold operate bank account in Ghana and I do not want to seek the assistance of just anybody for fear of being duped or defraud of our only livelihood.

I have sold almost all my jewelries to keep body and soul together, hence the British Government is not really taking care
of us. What is required of you is to give us your full name and contact address so that I can secure a Power of Attorney in your favor that would enable you contact the security company as the beneficiary of the box.

You can then transfer the funds to your bank account after the box must have been released to you. In order to make it worth your while, we will give you a part of the money.

We have also map out 5% of the principal sum for any expenses that you may incurred during the transaction process including traveling expenses, we intend to invest the remaining part of the money on your advice in any viable business ventures in your country, you may even act as our financial adviser if you are so disposed,

I am looking forward to your immediate response, as
I believe that destiny has brought us together.
Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Racheal Smith.

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