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pki-tc-chair message

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Subject: Fund Manager

EMAIL: akande@rock.com

Dear Sir,

Compliments of the season. I hope this message will reach you in the best of health and 
receive your prompt attention, even as we have not had any previous correspondence before.
I got your contact from a Business Associate, whom I did not disclose the content of this 
letter. He gave good recommendation about you especially your sincerity and trustworthiness.

However, kindly reach me immediately for details should you agree to its content. My name 
is Mr. Patrick Akande special private accountant TO THE PRESIDENT FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GHANA.
I have saved up over $9,500,000.00 US DOLLARS over the years. I want you to invest this 
money very well for me either in your company or any other company you may choose or if
possible you can start a company in your name and my sons name JOHN AKANDE.

I have safely deposited this money in a safe deposit box with CITI SECURITY COMPANY in 
LONDON, UK. The security company in question does not know the content of the box, it is 
only me and you that knows that the content of the box is $9,500,000.00 in cash and all 
in US dollar bills. This does not make the money illegal, unlawful or drug related, it is 
just nobody asked me the content when I was depositing the box, I think it's due to the
personal relationship I have with the former director Mrs. Rose Voice who have also 
introduced me to the current director Mr. Peter Stone.

I will give you 30% for your assistance and you will invest the remaining 70% for me and 
my son JOHN in your country. I want you to know that I am not a rich man. This money is all 
I got. I used my position in Ghana to raise and saved this money so please donít try to 
cheat us in this business transaction and try your possible best to invest it very well
for me and my son. I will visit you as soon as every thing is completed. Please for 
security reason secrecy and confidentiality is needed in this business transaction.

We will be communicating through my son who is a student in London. I can not call because 
all our phone calls here are monitored and taped. You can contact him through the 
above email address. We will be waiting for your urgent response.



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