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Subject: [pki-tc] PKI/e-business IETF draft co-editor

Dear List members,

PKI/e-business IETF draft co-editor
I am trying to find somebody else who have also worked with combining
e-business systems with PKI.  This is currently an unusual combination in
spite of all that we have heard about the value of digital signatures.  Due to
this fact, there is an immanent need for addressing this, and in my opinion also
a need to create one or more Internet Drafts.   However, in applicable standard-
groups like IETF's PKI Working Group, PKIX, there is to my knowledge hardly
any persons with suitable backgrounds for such a task.   Therefore I am looking
in other places for a co-editor, or at least somebody to try new ideas on :-).

In case you or somebody you know of, could be suitable, please contact me ASAP!

These are the approximative "requirements":

- Knowledge of business systems architectures and technologies 
  like Web, SQL and XML

- Basic knowledge of PKI

- An genuine interest in user- and deployment-related questions

- Basic capability of reading technical standards documents

Note: This effort is mostly technical but if there is somebody out
there with an interest in CA business models and liability, this
is also of interest!

This is an initial effort to study:

Unfortunately you don't get paid by IETF, the best you can hope for
is that a draft is approved...

In case the OASIS PKI-TC is interested, this could be turned into
an OASIS effort.

Best Regards
Anders Rundgren
Senior Internet e-Commerce Architect
+46 70 - 627 74 37

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