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Subject: [pki-tc] Old PKi Forum Projects in Process and Resources

Title: Old PKi Forum Projects in Process and Resources


As we discussed at the TC meeting last week, below is a list of projects in various stages of progress in the old PKI Forum in Summer-Winter 2002.  There may be projects I missed, but these are the projects I pulled together from my files.  If any old PKI Forum members have additional projects, updates or corrections to my notes, please let us know.  For completed  PKI Forum white papers, see http://www.pkiforum.org/whitepapers.html   For the "resources" page I mentioned, which needs to be made current, see http://www.pkiforum.org/resources.html



Business Working Group Projects in process:

Digital Signature as THE Electronic Signature (principal author, Pat Lareau, PKI Forum, nearly complete)
PKI & Privacy (initial discussion  only)

Technical Working Group in process:

Draft Questionnaire on PKI Enablement (tool for application vendors to determine the level of their support, based on Johnson & Johnson model -

principal author, Rich Guida, Johnson & Johnson)

Token Interoperability White paper (Principal Authors, John Hughes, Entegrity Solutions, et. al.)

Certificate Authority and User Certificate Profiles - (Principal Author, Richard Pryor, CESG, working with Steve Lloyd)  -- documentation of baseline for CA end user certificate profile

Token Interoperability testing - Phase II - (Andrew Nash, RSA lead)

CMP Ineroperability Phase II  (possible follow up with additional testing)

OCSP Interoperability testing  (RFC 2560 client/server interoperability intention was to get OCSP vendors involved)

XKMS - paper to describe the relationship between XKMS and X.509 PKI (XKMS goal is to offload complexity of PKI off client)

John T. Sabo
Manager, Security Privacy and Trust Initiatives
Computer Associates International
2291 Wood Oak Drive
Herndon, Virginia, 20171
Phone: +1 703-708-3037
Mobile: +1 443-629-6198

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