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Subject: [pki-tc] PKI TC March 25-27 Meeting - Response Requested


Terry Leahy and I discussed the upcoming meeting and would like your feedback on a couple of questions.

As you know, the PKI TC charter is intentionally broad and can accommodate a wide range of of business and technically-focused projects and work items.  Some of the major objectives of the planned March 25-27 meeting were to enable us to meet one another, discuss areas of interest, and develop consensus around specific work item proposals which we could formally adopt. We also need to conduct elections of TC Chair and Vice Chair. 

However, we learned at our January 28 teleconference that several members will not be able to travel to Long Island for the planned meeting, and we also discussed whether there was sufficient value in a face to face meeting prior to having specific work items sufficiently developed for TC review and consideration. To date only a small number of TC members indicated they were planning to attend in person (we will also set up a telehone bridge).

To help us proceed to develop our TC agenda in the most effective way in response to committee needs, I would propose that we reconsider the current meeting plan and would appreciate your feedback on other options for moving forward.

 - If you believe meeting in person would be useful, please let me know if you are planning to attend the March 25 meeting on Long Island or if a West Coast U.S. location would be better for you.  Would you prefer a one or 2-day meeting?

 - Please let me know if you believe we should postpone an in-person meeting until we have first developed a work plan (via teleconferences and email list interaction).

As I need to conclude arrangements in New York for the meeting facility or an alternate location, I'd appreciate your response as soon as possible.



John T. Sabo
Manager, Security Privacy and Trust Initiatives
Computer Associates International
2291 Wood Oak Drive
Herndon, Virginia, 20171
Phone: +1 703-708-3037
Mobile: +1 443-629-6198

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