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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Document -> PKI Issues SC

Thanks for contributing this document, Anders.

For future reference, emails on this topic should probably
go to the PKI Issues Subcommittee list,

I believe that only the members of the PKI Issues Subcommittee
can post documents on their web site. I'll leave it to that
group (John Sabo, Sharon Boeyen, June Leung, Ross Smith,
Krishna Yellepedi, Jeremy Hilton, and Alex Deacon) to decide
what they want to post and when, what process they want to
follow, etc.

Take care,

Steve Hanna

Anders Rundgren wrote:
> The attached document describes a single PKI issue.  It probably
> contains an incorrect "solution" department as well.  Anyway it
> represents the first document (I could not find any in the archive)
> describing an issue.
> I propose a document per issue and then an index.
> I would like to get feedback on both the document itself as well
> as some ideas about the format for issues.
> BTW, who is able to actually put things in archives?  I cannot
> as it seems.
> Anders
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                      Name: e-government-ID-A.Rundgren.pdf
>    e-government-ID-A.Rundgren.pdf    Type: Acrobat (application/pdf)
>                                  Encoding: base64

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