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Subject: Please join the PKI Member Section

I gather that many companies are renewing their OASIS
membership at this time of year. Sun certainly is.
When you renew your membership, you can indicate which
Member Sections you want to be affiliated with.

Since you're active in the PKI Technical Committee,
please make sure that your company is affiliated with
the PKI Member Section. This will make sure that you
have a vote in elections for the PKI Member Section
Steering Committee and ensure that a portion of your
OASIS dues are allocated to the PKI Member Section
(to support the work of the PKI TC).

Your company's dues will not increase. This is like
that Presidential Election check-off on the U.S. Income
Tax forms. It just allocates a portion of your dues
for the PKI Member Section. And you can be affiliated
with as many Member Sections as you like. At least,
that's how I understand it.


Steve Hanna

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