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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] PLEASE REVIEW the draft PKI Obstacles survey

Todd Colvin wrote:
> > I agree with your point. But I find your wording somewhat
> > intricate. I'd like something simpler that still clearly
> > communicates the same concept. Any ideas? Maybe
> > "Complex for IT Staff"?
> It seems there are really two separate issues here. One dealing
> with installation and the other dealing with administering/managing
> the PKI system after installation. It could be that IT staff
> believes they are capable of installing a PKI, but that it is too
> difficult and/or time consuming to maintain it so they have never
> installed one. Rather than try to combine these two into a one-line
> question I think it should be split into two: "Complex Installation"
> and "Difficult for IT to Maintain."

I agree that these are separate issues. I'm not sure that
they capture what people mean when they say PKI is too complex.

I think they mean that you need to study it for years to understand
all the aspects of it (legal, technical, business, etc.). Because
of this, many people hire consultants with special PKI expertise
to help them get their PKI off the ground. I guess that falls
under the category of "Complex Installation". But I'm not sure
they'll see it that way. There's so much more to getting started
with PKI than just "installation".

How about "Hard to Get Started - Too Complex" or just
"Hard to Get Started" or "Hard to Set Up"?

I'm comfortable with "Difficult for IT to Maintain", though.


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