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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Publicity Plan for PKI Obstacles Survey

We're lucky to have PKI TC members who are tied into
so many communities. Thanks for helping to get the word
out about our survey!

Jeremy Hilton wrote:
>        5) Send to the EMA PKI Challenge mailing list
>           Peter Doyle will check in with Jeremy Hilton on this
>           to see who should do it. ** Which one?
> <jh> I don't mind, I have contacts to the EEMA team managing
> the PKI Challenge (European Focus) so I am happy to do it.
> It ties in with EEMA anyway.

OK, I'll mark you down for this. I guess it's the EEMA
PKI Challenge then, not the "EMA PKI Challenge". I'll
fix that. Sorry. In fact, I'll combine this with the
EEMA item later in the list.

>        10) The Open Group (maybe some subgroup?)
>            Paul Evans will handle this. ** Which subgroup?
> <jh> I suggest the Security Forum - Ian Dobson is the
> Programme Manager and I am (currently) a member.

OK. Paul, are you also a member of the Open Group Security
Forum? If not, maybe Jeremy should handle this one.

>        12) SEN WS WG
>            Jeremy Hilton will handle this.
>        <jh> it is CEN 

Oh, how embarrassing! My apologies.

>        13) APAC IS Security Standards Group
>            ** Who suggested this? Do we have a contact?
> <jh> I suggested this.  I do have contacts, though would
> probably go through Richard Wilshire who is the ETSI
> ESI liaison member for APEC.  Alternatively, we could
> contact Steve Orlowski directly.

Another typo! I guess this should be APEC, not APAC.
Sorry about that.

I have no opinion about how we should approach this
group. Clearly, I'm pretty uninformed about their work.
Does anyone else have an opinion? Otherwise, I think
we should follow your recommendation and go through
Richard Wilshire.



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