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Subject: Revised Publicity Plan

I have revised our Publicity Plan to reflect all the
comments I received in the last few days. The revised
version is at the end of this email. I have also posted
it to the PKI Survey SC web site at this URL:


There are still a few open questions on the Publicity Plan:
who will contact the Asia PKI Forum (Terry or John) and
who will contact The Open Group (Jeremy or Paul). These
should be decided ASAP.

Now we need to seek permission from each of these
organizations to send the survey invitation to their
mailing lists. To make this easy, I have drafted an
email asking for this permission. I'll send that email
out to this list in a minute. If you want to use that
email, modify it, write your own, call on the phone,
or whatever, that's fine.

But if your name is in the Publicity Plan, I expect
you to obtain (or try to obtain) permission to use
the indicated mailing list for sending out our survey
invitation. Our timeline calls for us to have that
permission by May 21. I think this could be extended
to May 28, since that's the date when we're planning
to email out the invitations. But that's the final date.

Let me know if you need anything to help you get this
permission: draft invitation, draft survey (sent to
the list earlier this week), etc.




Publicity Plan for PKI TC's PKI Deployment Obstacles Survey

We want to publicize the survey widely, but focussing on
people who have some experience with PKI deployment so
that we aren't overwhelmed with meaningless responses.
Therefore, we will circulate an invitation to participate
in the survey by email. Anyone who participates in the
survey will receive a copy of the results when they are ready.

Here is a list of ways we plan to distribute the invitation.

1) Ask PKI vendors to send it to customers

   Most of the PKI vendors are represented on the PKI TC.
   We'll ask those representatives to get permission from
   their management to send this announcement: Paul Doyle
   from Baltimore, John Sabo from Computer Associates,
   Sharon Boeyen from Entrust, Krishna Yellepeddy from IBM,
   Derek Brink from RSA, and Alex Deacon from Verisign.
   Please let me know if there are any errors in that list.

   The biggest PKI vendors who aren't represented on the
   PKI TC are Microsoft and Netscape. Peter Doyle and/or
   Jeremy Hilton will contact someone at Microsoft to ask if
   they would be willing to forward the invitation to their
   customers. Steve Hanna will take care of Netscape.

2) Send to all OASIS members

   Steve Hanna will work with Carol Geyer of OASIS on this.

3) Send to PKI Research Workshop attendees

   Paul Evans has taken care of this. Thanks, Paul!

4) Send to the IETF PKIX working group mailing list

   Steve Hanna will ask the chairs of this list for their permission.

6) Send to Asia PKI Forum members and lists

   Terry Leahy or John Sabo will follow up on this. ** Which one?

7) Send to Internet 2 Consortium members

   Steve Hanna will take care of this.

8) U.S. Government's Federal PKI Technical Working Group (FPKITWG)

   Paul Evans will handle this.


   Jeremy Hilton will take care of this (he's on the board).
   Also the EEMA PKI Challenge.

10) The Open Group

    Jeremy Hilton suggests sending to The Open Group's
    Security Forum. He will talk to Paul Evans and work
    out which of them should handle this. ** Which one?

11) ETSI

    Jeremy Hilton will handle ESI. Phil Griffin will handle MCOMM.


    Jeremy Hilton will handle this.

13) APEC IS Security Standards Group

    Jeremy Hilton will handle this.

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