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Subject: Draft survey invitation

Here's a draft invitation to participate in the survey.
I expect that we'll send out something similar on May 28.
Comments are most welcome. And you can feel free to
forward this to folks at other organizations when asking
if they will let you forward our invitation to their
mailing lists.



P.S. Sorry for the heavy traffic from me to this list today.
We have a lot of things to do in a short amount of time.

P.P.S. In case you didn't figure it out, I fat-fingered
the pki-tc address in my mail with the subject "Draft email
requesting permission ...". But that's OK, since I followed
up with email adding a privacy note.


The OASIS Public Key Infrastructure Technical Committee
is dedicated to addressing issues related to the successful
deployment of digital certificates.

As part of this mission, we are conducting a web-based survey
to identify the key barriers to PKI deployment and usage so
that they can be addressed. If you have expertise or experience
with PKI or certificates, we invite you to participate in
this survey by going to http://www.oasis-open.org/dfkdsjfl

This survey will only be available from May 28 to June 14,
so please act promptly. Only respond to the survey once.
If you have questions about the survey, send email to our
chair, Steve Hanna, at steve.hanna@sun.com.


The OASIS PKI Technical Committee


Privacy Note: The data collected in this survey will only
be reported in aggregate form. Individual responses
will be used by PKI TC members in tabulating our results.
If you choose to provide your email address (optional),
we will send you a copy of the survey results and
invitations to participate in future surveys conducted
by the PKI TC. But your email address will not be used
for any other purposes or disclosed to anyone outside
of the PKI TC.

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